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907 Mar Walt Drive suite 2012, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547, USA
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  • Monday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
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Meet the Staff

Steven Hankins, NBC-HIS

Steven Hankins, NBC-HIS

National Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Steven Hankins is a NBC-HIS. Steven is originally from Forsyth, MO and moved to Ft. Walton Beach in 2022. Steven attended school at Ozarks Technical College and graduated from their Hearing Instruments Sciences Program. He began working in the on-campus clinic in 2013. Steven began working in the hearing industry with Hearing Lab Technologies in 2014 and was drawn to the profession by a desire to treat an underserved community.

What Steven loves the most about saving hearing lives is watching patients go from being withdrawn and nervous to active and engaged members of the community. Steven strives to stay up to date with all the newest technology to make sure his patients can take every advantage he can offer on a day-to-day basis. Outside of saving hearing lives Steven enjoys hunting, fishing, participating in youth sports with his children, and he’s looking forward to plenty of beach time on the beautiful emerald coast.

Customer Reviews

I started my account with someone (don’t recall his name) and at first thought he did a good job, until the change over to Steven. I was waiting on my checkup appointment and it never came. I called to find out a change had been made. While waiting for my checkup I stopped wearing the damn hearing aids because that were not working and would run out of charge after about 7 hours. It was was a pain to be in a meeting in the afternoon and the hearing aids go dead. I started wearing my previous hearing aids as they were battery operated and I just replaced a battery when it would run out of power. If the hearing aids are going to runout off power during the day. Maybe should be a backup sustem. I am pleased with Steven so far. I did not have any confidence in the company, but so far I am OK. But I know where my old hearing aids are for backup. The battery hearing aids have a definite advantage on situations I experienced for a month or two. Charles

Charles Cassell, on Google

I highly recommend to you Brandon Porter with Audibel U.S. Hearing Solutions. He is a very knowledgeable and compassionate hearing care provider. For the past 5 years Brandon has given me quality service in a consistent, thoughtful manner. He has more than earned my unqualified praise. You will not find a better person to assist you with your hearing needs! Vincent Martin, M.D.

Linda Martin, on Google

To anyone in need of an audiologist in the Pan Handle, I highly recommend this office! Melanie and Brandon have been (from the very first visit) remarkable in helping me navigate the world of hearing aids and helped me reach a level of hearing , i feared was gone. I’ve previously made visited other audiologists and found the process to be a bit intimidating as well as confusing! The differences in past experiences and here, are all positive. I left this couples practice with confidence, knowing i was in the RIGHT place! Brandon is so so knowledgeable in his field and is extremely patient at passing on that knowledge for the layperson like myself, making the decision to invest in hearing aids much easier....every question I asked, he answered fully and with a sincere caring! My hearing has been on the decline for many years, i would strongly recommend to others in a similar situation...DONT keep putting it off, i did and regret it...BUT what really matters...I'm hearing so much better now and more importantly, understanding words not just hearing a faint, muffled sound. and the icing on this cake is Melanie, the office manager and audiologist’s lovely wife....efficient, helpful and keeps the office running “On Point" !!! Give them a visit.. absolutely NO HARD SALEs pitch!! I think you will be glad u did!

M.K. Stromain, on Google

This company has always been very professional and helpful. The office is decorated with positive peace and spirit in mind, making me very comfortable. Brandon takes the time to explain my problems al, tested my hearing and made it possible for me to get my hearing aid. I would highly recommend this company! Thank you US Hearing Solutions.

Sharon Shimkus, on Google

I am extremely satisfied with my new hearing aids and the way Brandon has adjusted them according to my needs. He and Michelle are extremely professional and courteous and I really enjoy my interactions with both of them. Although I was hesitant to even admit I needed hearing aids, Brandon has been exceptional in his explanations/instructions and has really helped me embrace this whole experience. I HIGHLY recommend this office for your hearing needs!

Leslie White, on Google