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Amy Staggs

Amy Staggs

Regional Office Manager

Amy Staggs joined Starkey HearCare in 2018 as a Regional Administrative Manager. In July of 2020 I was promoted to Regional Manager of South Florida. Connecting people back to their world is a passion of mine as I love seeing the smiles on patients faces when they are able to hear their spouses again. I enjoy helping our employees provide exceptional customer service, teaching and guiding them to help save hearing lives.

In 2020 I have begun schooling to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist to perfect my craft and personally reconnect more people to their worlds. I look forward to meeting you in our offices!

In my free time I love spending time on the soccer fields with my two boys and traveling the state of Florida visiting new state parks and amusement parks.

Brooke Nelson

Brooke Nelson


Customer Reviews

Brooke Nelson is the consummate professional. She explains things slowly, clearly & precisely. She listens, is patient and understanding as the client adjusts to the new hearing aides. Audible Hearing is lucky to have someone like Brooke, and so are we!

nang fab, on Google

Brooke was so helpful. We were from out of town on vacation when my Starkey hearing aid became damp and not functioning. My vacation would have been ruined if I wasn't able to hear my family and friends. She added us in for an appointment that day and cleaned and dried both aids. She was very professional and helpful.

Anita Beck, on Google

Like most older guys, I was constantly reminded that I should get my hearing checked. I did, and found out that yes I did have some loss at the higher end. For me , this consisted of louder TV volumns, missing parts of or most of what people around me were saying, and telephone conversations . Brooke helped me to realize that through the initial testing phase(did I mention at no charge)I was a borderline candidate so it was solely up to me. My deal included a 2 week trial at no expense, then payment of total amount for 2 more weeks wherein I could return them for a stocking charge. So, I took advantage of the trial period. During the first 2 weeks, several adjustments were made and I went from skeptical to 90% sure. The last 2 week trial sealed the deal. Why? #1; telephone conversations via Bluetooth are crystal clear & I miss nothing now. #2; table conversations in louder environments can be heard again. #3; basically invisible: took 3 days before my wife realized I had them on. Some friends still don’t know I have them. #4; rechargeable (no batteries required) and easily reprogrammed by specialist. Brooke at Marco Island did an outstanding job of making me feel comfortable with the package I purchased and more important to me, she’s there to help whenever I have a question or adjustments need to be made. Expensive, can be, but take advantage of the test period & actually HEAR what you’ve been missing. Sure glad I did!!

David Roeske, on Google

I’m speaking for my Dad, George Criss, who has been an Audible customer for many years. Brooke Nelson has been his audiologist who is most professional, most talented, extremely patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. My Dad looks forward to his appointments, and to a continued relationship, and always leaves confident that his hearing needs have been met and resolved. We are so grateful to Brooke for treating my Dad so kindly and helping him with all of his hearing issues. Thank you very much! Carol Silva

Carol Silva, on Google

I was so impressed with Brooke’s professionalism and knowledge of the hearing devices. She took a personal interest in me and made sure my hearing aids were adjusted perfectly for my needs. I feel I could contact her any time for help or questions!

Kathy O'Flanagan, on Google