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Tom Guillot, BC-HIS

Tom Guillot, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist & Regional Office Manger

Customer Reviews

Was there to pick up repaired hearing aid which had been sent to the factory. Now works fine (and at no cost to me). Usual first class service. No complaints.

RAY SYKES, on Google

Haley is such a nice hearing aid technician to work with. She is always so nice. I know my hearing will never be like it was when I was younger, but the hearing aids make a big difference in my ability to hear better. I recommend U.S Hearing Solutions and Audibel hearing aids.

Don Spencer, on Google

Hayley is amazing! Thank you so much for bringing me back to the glorious world of hearing again. My wife thanks you too! As always, thank you for the great service. Darrin B.

Darrin Bridges, on Google

Finally someone who really helped me with my hearing. I am delighted with this company in every way.everything explained in complete detail and in plain language. Always Service with a smile Its so nice to be able to.hear again!

Lee Mattingly, on Google

Since going to US Hearing solutions and based on the expertise I can now hear communication and sounds that I was missing. The doctor gave me a hearing test With my wife listening and my wife saw for herself my hearing deficiency. We purchased hearing aids that work for me. I have pre-set settings that allow for higher noise such as a restraint and then for a crowd that she pre-set for me and I can control them from my phone. Every three months she verifies through questions and looking at my history using technology how my hearing with the hearing aids is doing. This is and has been a great experience that has improved my life. I have been back on a regular basis for regular service on my hearing aids. There has never been a problem but they keep checking them to make sure there are no issues.

Bob Barron, on Google