When Mr. Broy got my hearing aids I went in and he fitted them and made adjustments. It has been 10 years since I have heard my own voice. Now I hear all the things I have been missing for so many years. The sounds of mother nature. Hearing how people sound when they talk to me. To this day it amazes me what I have been missing.


I started with US Hearing Solutions approximately 3 years ago, and from the first day, Cheryl Dixon has been nothing but the best in making me feel welcome and comfortable. Her pleasant personality also jumps out at you and she’s great in that she gets to know about you and your family. She is the mainstay of your operation in keeping everyone informed and organized and I think she is irreplaceable. April Whitney is new to this facility, yet has jumped right in with her great big smile and her expertise in the hearing impairment field to offer me new ideas in us working together in future visits. All in all, I am very pleased with the relationship I have with Audibel and look forward in working with all of you in helping me with my challenges.


Mr. Brandon has the personality and patience for the work he does. He is understanding and has concern about the person’s problem. He works hard to correct your hearing problem. It has been a pleasure having him work with me on my hearing problems.


I have been a patient of Brandon Porter since November 2016. Brandon and his staff are very courteous and accommodating. Brandon gives 100% to me, making sure my hearing aids are working their best. Thanks.


I have been seeing Brandon to adjust my hearing aid and check my hearing since I bought my hearing aid. He has always been a helpful and professional, friendly person who always answers any questions I have about my hearing aid, and he fixes any problems. Always willing to help and explain. Very good at his job.


The receptionist Cynthia is very warm and friendly. She makes me feel that each visit is my first visit, I love her personality. Paul Lucas, the HA Specialist has the same spirit. Regardless of how tight his schedule is he always takes time with me and my concerns. And I don’t know how he does it, but he always has a smile on his face. If these two people were moved from this location I would most likely find another place for my hearing needs. My husband is now a member. Thank you for this opportunity.


Dependable, honest, caring ppl for your needs to hear again! No questions is to stupid to ask, they will answer with comfort!


I am writing you to let you know that I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I am hearing so much better, it’s been worth my time and investment. I would recommend U.S. Hearing Solutions to anyone having a hearing problem.


Very professional and fully focused on customer care. Martine and Kyle have been superb in taking care of me and other patients. I highly recommend this company to anyone with hearing issues…you will be taken care of to the highest standard of care. It is so nice to deal with business people that truly care about their job!


Best product. Best service.


I first met Brooke Nelson in September of 2016 when I went for a free hearing exam offered by Audibel U.S. Hearing. I had been using a behind the ear device from Resound. Brooke fit me an in-ear set of hearing aids that were more expensive then what I was using but were much better. Brooke conducted a number of follow-up appointments to make sure that I was getting proper results. She is professional and very competent and I cannot say enough good things about her service and demeanor. I have regular check-ups to for cleaning and maintenance with Brooke and I highly recommend Brooke Nelson to anyone who needs an audiologist. You won’t find anyone better or more attentive. Audibel provides free follow up for the life of the hearing aids and its nice to know that I have a skilled and caring person who understands patient needs. I have also purchased a Dry Store Box for overnight storage and a Sure Link for listening to the TV which Brooke setup for me.


I realized something very interesting with my new hearing aids: although Audibel is an excellent brand with many important features, the capability of the audio consultant is even more important. Aside from the features, the audio consultant has to carefully listen to the user and make many fine adjustments to the devices to get the best results. My audio consultant, Jonathan Costanzo, performed miracles to get my new hearing aids to give me everything that I wanted for different audio situations. Over the years that I have worn hearing aids, I never found anyone who had the expertise, or took the time, to customize hearing aids to a level where they were fully useful. I had almost given up on hearing aids until I met with Jonathan and heard what he can do with the the Audibel devices.


I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, patience and the friendliness of Jeff Broy and his girl Friday, Mary Lynn, at the Myrtle Beach office.

For years, I had put off going to get a hearing test as I knew what the outcome would be. After continuously asking my wife, “What did they say?” or when it began to sound like characters on television were speaking a different language that I decided to lay my manhood aside and go get my hearing tested.

I had received a brochure in the mail and made an appointment and did I hit the jackpot! What great people to work with and talk to. They have been terrific from the very beginning and provide additional service whenever I feel I need to check in with them. After all, they are more than professionals, they have become my friends.


Friendly and professional care every visit. We appreciate the service in dealing with profound hearing loss.


I always have the best experience, very professional, very compassionate & very attentive each time I go in for my checkup, even after 3 years!!!


Both Kyle and Patricia go out of their way to make sure that their clients have a positive experience while visiting the Perry Office. I appreciate the effort that Kyle puts into maintaining my aids so that I can hear and participate in my environments. The office in Perry is a blessing to all of us clients!


I use the Chiefland, Fl store – call Patrica and see Les – they are so helpful – you may walk in strangers but you will leave friends. Great Christian people.


My husband Ronnie has been going to the Chiefland office for years. Could not be more satisfied with everything Les has done for him. Patricia at the front desk is always friendly and extremely helpful.

We recently moved and was referred to the Ft Walton Beach Branch. Because of a trip that was planned they immediately saw him (one of his hearing aids was not working). They repaired the hearing aid and set him up to get it adjusted to him in a very short time. Michelle, Melanie and Brandon could not have been nicer or more helpful. My husband says he highly recommends both places.


Due to my Starkey hearing aids being old, I recently purchased my 2nd pair. Listening to friends who were not happy with their aids, I realized how fortunate I have been to wear my Starkeys with no complaints. If I had one, I know my Starkey rep would take care of it. I like having regular check-ups for my aid. I’m finding that with all of the new technology in my new Starkey aids they are a pleasure to wear.


From the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable. Everyone was amazing, kind and I knew I had found the right place.

Brandon is amazing! He is so knowledgeable and his personality shows just how much he cares about his patients. I am completely satisfied and recommend Brandon, Michelle, and staff to everyone who has hearing loss issues. Thanks for being there when I really needed help!


I thank God for U.S. Hearing Solutions and Brother Brandon Porter. I say brother because he has a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He is an asset to U.S. Hearing Solutions because he serves with love, dignity, and a caring attitude. Brother Porter is interested in his clients’ hearing. I give him a 9 1/2 out of 10 because of the experience I’ve had with him for almost 3 years. Brother Porter is always patient, kind and understanding each time I come into the office. If my hearing problem isn’t taken care of it could lead to Alzheimer’s disease. They also have refreshments for easy of latecomers. Thank you for the service rendered.


During the various seasons of life, we all find it comforting to be able to hear the things happening around us. As a seventy-five-year-old middle-aged man, I am truly blessed to be here and to hear and interact with those around me. I also consider it a blessing to receive auditory care from a company that gives honor and reverence to our Creator as they provide services to one of His creations…. me. It is very reassuring and gratifying to be a patient of Dr. Tom Guillot and his staff. They provide true healing services.


From prior experiences with hearing aid providers, I did not expect the compassion and genuine care and concern that Kyle gave to me at Audibel. After Kyle explained, and I understood, the extent of my hearing loss and the importance of addressing it, he worked with me until I had the right hearing aids for me. Kyle and Pat are extraordinary in what they do, and have given me a whole new outlook on life!


Everyone was nice and on time. The examiner was encouraging and carried out the examination with precision. In turn giving me hope I could hear again. I was very well pleased with my office visit.


Thanks for your letter about my hearing aids. I am so pleased with them and hope my difficulty adjusting them hasn’t been too much. I am so very grateful for Brandon’s outstanding service. He has taught me so much about hearing loss and hearing aids (just SUPER ALL AROUND!). I look forward to each appointment and hearing better.  Thank you!


I would highly recommend Audible to any of my friends. Brandon Porter will give you the best service available. If you have any problems with your hearing aids, he will always see you whether it’s your appointment date or not. He is always there to help.


Great service! Great product! Technician is very helpful and consistent in providing a satisfactory outcome. I enjoyed working with him.


Brandon was very pleasant and good to understand my problems. He respected what I wanted, was friendly and courteous. He explained how to take care of the hearing aids and didn’t try to sell me what I didn’t want. I would personally recommend him to others. He knows what he’s talking about and doing.


I have been very satisfied with Melanie and Brandon Porter. They have been very professional and they know what they are doing. Would recommend them to friends and family.


I couldn’t be happier with my Audibel hearing aid or the excellent service that I have received.


I am an avid turkey hunter and my hearing got to the stage that I could not hear a turkey gobble. Thanks to the technology offered to me through a hearing aid that actually fits inside the ear canal and practically invisible, I not only can hear the turkeys I can once again hear the phone ring. Thanks, Ken.


I’ve been a member of “The Family” for several years and I’m always treated with respect and dignity! I know I had found a home when I first read the mission statement and I still fall to tears each time I read it. In June 2014, Brandon and Melanie took on a mission of their own- to find hearing aids for me. When Brandon adjusted my BTE’s to fit my needs and put them in my ears, I cried, laughed and thanked him at least a dozen time. Thank almighty God for the blessings He gives me and the angels that He puts in my path! I wish I had all the words to tell you all how I feel! Thank you Audibel, Brandon & Melanie Porter and thank God for you all!


I love my Audibel hearing aids. . . they’re made here in the USA. I can finally understand what people are saying and I can even talk on the phone with them. I don’t have to have the TV or stereo on so loud. After using two other brands in the past 12 years, these are far superior. I can hear the birds chirping now!


Brandon and Melanie are both professional and caring. Brandon goes out of his way to make certain that your hearing aids are working for you and your lifestyle. Both Brandon and Melanie greet you with a smile and make certain that your needs are met before you leave. Thank you!


After 20+ years as an aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force, one day my ears just started screaming at me. It got to the point that I had to try something, so I started doing my research and tried what all tinnitus suffers do, I tried a Homeopathic herbal supplement. Of course this did not help me at all, so I kept doing my research and found a website that referred me to Audibel in Ft Walton Beach. I called and made an appointment. I met a young man by the name of Brandon Porter. He gave me a free evaluation, sat down with me and explained everything I needed to know about my problem with tinnitus. Brandon recommended me a new type of hearing aid that is designed for tinnitus suffers. My life was changed! It’s been 18 months and I am so thankful that I went to Audibel. Thank you Brandon and Audibel in Ft. Walton Beach.


My experience with Brandon & Melanie Porter has been great! They took their time to make sure I had the best care for my hearing with or without my aids. They were very patient with my decisions and answered all my questions thoroughly. I love being able to call Melanie to make my appointments with ease. Brandon takes his time to provide excellent service. I recommend them to anyone!


Great personal service; friendly and knowledgeable

Douglas Norkus, on Google

After many years of not hearing my wife, too many times, 'we' decided it was time to see about my hearing. It didn't take Paul long to realize that I needed his help. Both he and Marteen are just simply very, very helpful too. It's been over a week now...

Rich Eubanks, on Google

I am from Maine, had a problem with my hearing aid they made time that day very pleasant and a great help.

Blake Wotton, on Google

Even though we arrived at lunchtime, Martine graciously unlocked the door and let us in. As it was our first visit to your facility we were unsure whether you could take care of our needs, but Martine quickly assessed the problem with my husband’s hearing aids, and fixed both of...

Gigi Cullins, on Google

Exceptional service. Very knowledgeable and super friendly. So happy I found this particular location! Highly recommend.

Tim Goodman, on Google

My experience has been great Martine almost always has a great smile and knows her stuff. She has been very helpful in assisting me in working out my problems. The lead person is ver knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge in a concise and easy to understand. Paul is the lead

SA Hegenbart, on Google

Excellent service

Patti Fryer, on Google

Wonderful experience! Martina is always so nice and always provides exceptional customer service. Had the pleasure of meeting Paul the HAS, and he helped adjust hearing levels on my hearing aids which were not originally set for optimal performance. Now I am getting the most of my aids. Thank you!!!!

tanisha torres, on Google

I was referred to Tri-County by my wife. I was very impressed with both Myra and Michael. They were very willing to answer questions and explain the intricacies of hearing. I am pleased with the service and my new hearing aides. Thank you!

Chuck Sandy, on Google

These people are very friendly and try hard to please. I think I’m going to like them!

Donald Laury, on Google

Martime is awesome! She goes out of her way to make all the patients feel comfortable by always having a smile and always being so helpful. I highly recommend this clinic.

Anita Solomon, on Google

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