Do you or someone you know suffer from constant "ringing in the ears?"

Maybe it's not ringing exactly. Some people describe it as hissing, buzzing, whistling, roaring and even chirping. Whatever noise it is, the real issue is something called tinnitus.

Tinnitus ("TIN-a-tus" or "Tin-EYE-tus") is the medical term for the sensation of hearing sound in your ears or head when no external sound is present.

The important thing to know is that tinnitus is not a condition or a disease. Instead, it's a symptom — typically of something bigger, like an ear infection, high blood pressure or, most common, hearing loss.

Do you or someone you know suffer from constant "ringing in the ears?"It's also important to know that everyone's tinnitus is different, which is why finding relief has been so elusive — until now!

Quick tinnitus facts

Some 50 million American adults suffer from tinnitus (1 in 5)

  • Tinnitus is the #1 disability for military veterans
  • Tinnitus can occur at any age, and may begin suddenly or progress gradually
  • The most common causes of tinnitus are:
    • Noise exposure (e.g., from shooting or machines at work)
    • Aging
    • Head injury
    • Side effects from medication

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I have been a client of US Hearing office in Myrtle Beach for over a year. Recently, I have had the pleasure to work with the new hearing specialist Joe Cline. He was quick to catch up with my history and to address my issues in a professional and knowledgeable...

Joan Mchatton, on Google

Justin is awesome! Professional, kind, warm and knowledgeable. And most of all, he is Not pushy. I’d recommend US Hearing Solutions to anyone even considering getting their hearing checked out.

Wendy Garrett, on Google

Justin is a pure professional. He takes time and discusses with you any issues that you my encounter with your hearing aids. You should be grateful to have a employee like him going that extra mile. .

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Justin was extremely patient and professional while adjusting my new hearing aids. He took extra time to explain the details. I would recommend his services to anyone needing help with these devices.

James T Johnston, on Google

Justin is a rockstar. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Anyone looking for a reputable, honest hearing aid service, Justin is your man. He is a 10.

Larry Carpenter, on Google

Does a good job, keeps my hearing in good working order, and explains everything to me, only place I go,

James Tibbetts, on Google

Took my mom for hearing aids. The staff were great. Took their time to make sure they got her the best fit. One of her ears has issues due to cancer removal. When her hearing aids came in they took time to make sure she could get them in and...

Stephanie Hammelman, on Google

Ken does a great job of checking my aids and cleaning them and answering all of my questions. They are working great!

John Stitely, on Google

Just go there. Run! Don’t walk. They are everything you want …. Friendly, helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable. Ken’s been doing this for many years, so he’s seen a lot of changes. He repaired my hearing aid and sent me away with a smile..and i didn’t even buy it from him....

April Mullins, on Google

Very friendly and helpful. Carefully listened to the issue I was having with the hearing aid and quickly moved to correct the problem. The great thing was the hearing aids were purchased in South Florida but I was treated like a long time customer. Very much appreciated.

Charles Riley, on Google

April Whitney is helpful and knowledgeable and so nice -- she makes the visits to the Office very pleasant. Linda, at the front desk, is also pleasant and personable, working hard to accommodate us in making appointments because we have to drive about 50 miles to get to the Office...

The Rev. John Wesley, on Google