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Hearing Aid Technology

Introducing Arc AI

A new product line with the world’s most innovative hearing aids that connect effortlessly and adapt seamlessly into your life.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence into your hands, these hearing aids automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every environment without the need to do anything extra.

Arc AI Provides

  • Discreet and stylish hearing aids that adapt seamlessly into your everyday routine.
  • Innovative Healthable technology that allows you to track your Engagement and Activity and detect if you fall.

You Want | Arc AI Delivers

To hear in the most challenging listening environments

Industry-leading sound processing that uses the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids.  With a simple tap, the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids scans the environment and makes changes instantaneously to help you when you need it most. Hear speech comfortably even in busy settings while unwanted noise is suppressed.


  • Healthable rechargeable devices with up to 24 hours of superior hearing.  Results will vary based on wireless and feature usage.
  • No buzzing or whistling – Our best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.
  • Wireless streaming – New technology provides consistent wireless performance through your smartphone while streaming phone calls, TV, music or other media.
  • To live a more active and healthy life – The world’s first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors that allow you to track your body and brain health activity and detect when you fall.
  • The convenience of adjustments on the go – Easily make adjustments to your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with the Thrive app.
  • Hearing that happens intuitively – Geotagged memories that automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your smartphone detects you are in a tagged location. For example, a “home” memory activates when you arrive at home.
  • Hearing that’s personalized for you – Personalized Control in the Thrive app that lets you make adjustments to suit your preferences in different listening environments.
  • Rechargeable hearing aids – Healthable rechargeable devices with up to 24 hours of superior hearing. Available in the world’s first custom-molded styles and a receiver-in-canal style, giving you comfort and convenience in one charge. Results will vary based on wireless and feature usage.
  • Music the way it was meant to be heard – A whole new way to experience music – adjustable via the Thrive app. Now you can hear every note the way the artists intended – with pure, refined sound quality.
  • A solution for single-sided hearing loss – Great sound quality, clarity and consistency with CROS technology that allows streaming between your hearing aids so you can hear sounds in your weaker-hearing ear by way of your healthy ear. Only available in select RIC and BTE styles.
  • Durable, dependable hearing aids – Surface NanoShield, our pioneering water, wax and moisture repellent system, to protect and ensure durability and dependability.
  • Customizable tinnitus relief – Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the Thrive app, to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.
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Customer Reviews

Had a hearing exam on 03-29-2021and it was found that I needed hearing aids and Mr Folsom is so professional and knowledgeable, he answered all my questions and talked to me about different hearing aids. I give Mr. Folsom 5 stars for going above and beyond to explain to me...

Jody Fain, on Google

They are always so kind they're thorough with me any questions I have explained it all to me I always feel really great when I leave there I appreciate that kidding me

Lori Spears, on Google

I have been a patient of Ken’s for about 10 years. He is the most knowledgeable hearing aid specialist I have found in the three states where I have lived. US Hearing Solutions is not the least expensive company in the market but I look at quality of products and...

Kenneth Buck, on Google

Friendly, caring staff. Time is given yo care for your hearing needs and never pressured to purchase if you can not afford to upgrade. Questions are answered and overall I would recommend this office/company to anyone with hearing problems. You will be given hearing test that if hearing aids are...

Y Wilson, on Google

I've been using Ken for my hearing aid needs for several years now. His front desk staff is always pleasant and efficient. Ken brings me into the office every 6 months to examine/clean my hearing aids and do any tweaking I might require. This is without charge. It's always a...

Valerie Hudley, on Google

The visit was very satisfied

Cheryl Hart, on Google

Very professional went out of her way to get us what was needed for my mother-in-law..couldn't ask for better!

Mary Johnson, on Google

April was thorough,friendly and very helpful.

Sandie Wesley, on Google

Wonderful people and excellent service. Always helpful, understanding and supportive. Better service is not available anywhere.

Suzanne Harley, on Google

As always, April is very professional, courteous, and efficient. She tries to save the customer as much time and money as possible.

John Rorabaugh, on Google


Brenda Wiencek, on Google

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